Reserved Slot Give Away

So you fancy your chances at winning one of the 7 reserved slots up for grabs for a full month.. Think of the benefits:

  • No waiting for people to leave
  • No searching through the browser list looking for a space
  • No joining empty servers
  • Connect at anytime regardless of being full
  • No fuss, No time wasting, instant action…
To enter the monthly reserved slot giveaway all you have to do is signup below and the instructions will follow. It should take you less than 5mins to complete and you will be automatically entered into this months giveaway.
We have now added a section so you can decide which maps to run on our servers and at the end of each month, we will pick the top 3-4 maps and add them to the rotation for that month.

More options and free stuff will follow with extra reserved slots and occasional prize giveaways.

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