Dedicated Servers

For all those PC Gamers awaiting the release of the new Call of Duty Black Ops, I’m sure your all aware that Dedicated Servers will be available on the PC Platform.  Treyarch will supply a large amount of these dedicated servers and will maintain a level of administration across all there live servers…

Today, Treyarch have teamed up with one one the largest dedicated server companies online, to supply you with your very own Call of Duty Black Ops dedicated server…

You can pre-order your Black Ops dedicated server now, ready for the release of the long awaited Call of Duty Black Ops, which will be instantly available on release date.

You can choose between a Ranked Servers and Unranked Servers, each giving you the authority the kick or ban cheaters and carry out all administration tasks…  The Ranked server will have some options which cannot be changed by the server admin but your player rankings will be submitted to the rank server…  The Unranked server will allow for all customisations to be made on the server, but your ranks will not be submitted to the player rank servers.

Apart from the exclusive supply of dedicated Call of Duty Black Ops servers, will also provide a range of locations for your server to be hosted, allowing for the best network performance for your geographical location.

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Full Technical Support, 24×7
Our company is staffed around the clock with dedicated and friendly technicians ready to assist you with any problem you have. And when things are running well, they don’t sit around – they monitor our network to make sure it is running at peak performance. Plus, you can also reach out to our staff to request mod additions and improvements to our control panel or any other suggestion you have in mind.