What you need for full nVidia 3D Vision Surround Black Ops

To realy see the 3D action in Call of Duty Black Ops your going to need nVidia’s 3D Vision Surround.

Heres a quick video explaining what its all about.

3D Vision Surround,  lets gamers immerse themselves in a 3D panoramic view using three displays at once. See how immersive 3D Vision Surround can be in this video with Rob Csongor, VP of corporate marketing.

You dont need to buy all new computer hardware to play the game in 3D, just the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit Wireless Stereoscopic 3D Glasses and you can play in 3D Vision rather than 3D Vision Sorround.

You will also need a 3D Vision-Ready Display and a compatible graphics card, check here for more information.