Is this another stolen copy of Black Ops?

I recently found these two pictures displayed on another website and when looking into the links from photobucket, they were uploaded by a user named C20ona!  As you can see in the first picture this is the same name as the original uploader.

Do you think this is fake or real?

If you look at the second picture you can see the paper insert on the right which overlaps the DVD case. Look closer and you can see the DVD box underneath! Leads me to belive its a cheap photoshop print on low quality paper, allowing the light to pass though from the flash.

Another thing that that makes me think this is a fake, is the actual DVD box. Looks like a cheap HQ pirated DVD import to me!

COD - Black Ops PROOF ! (God knows why ?)

COD Black Ops

Im pretty certain this is a fake but what do you think?


Twitter user: iiTzMiKiE replied with the following tweet:

@BLACKOPSUK Thats something @Gamedigital send out if u preordered #CODBlackOps from them. Ive got 1. It is NOT a copy of #CODBlackOps :)

Thanks for the update iiTzMiKiE :0)


What about this:


Im sure this is the real deal?

Check the following post for full confirmation that the game has been leaked:

Black Ops Unboxing, Double Rainbow!!