COD Points and Wager Matches

During the multiplayer unveiling event on September 1, a few of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops features discussed were the currency system and the brand new game mode Wager Match. As part of our series on Black Ops multiplayer, we dive deeper into these features here. Check back here in the coming days for more updates from the September 1 Multiplayer event. You can also get a full overview in the Inside Xbox coverage

COD Points

Let’s talk about COD Points, your Black Ops in-game currency. Let’s clear up the difference between unlocking and purchasing loadout options.

You still unlock items, abilities, and customization options through leveling up. You’re still gaining experience, but you’re also earning COD Points at the same time. Let’s use specific examples to see how this works. For perks, when you reach level 4, all perks become available for purchase. When you unlock Killstreaks at level 10, they all become available for purchase. And when you unlock great new features such as Custom Reticles, they become available for purchase for all guns. This lets you purchase what you want, when you want it. Just make sure you have the money.

Can’t wait to throw on an ACOG Sight on that new Commando assault rifle you just purchased? No interest in the Red Dot Sight? Skip right over it. No need to grind for kills. Save up your money and purchase the ACOG Sight instead. Can’t wait to demolish your enemies with the RC Car killstreak? Make it your first purchase after unlocking killstreaks.

This is just a sample of the options you can explore and purchase, but we’re not giving away all of our secrets just yet.

Wager Matches

First things first, if you haven’t already seen the Wager Match Trailer, check it out below.

With Wager Matches, it’s not just your life you’re fighting for anymore, but also your bank account. In each of the four Wager Match types (One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, The Gun Game, Sharpshooter), you put down money that you’ll be one of the top three players in the match. Succeed and your bank account reaps the benefits. Fail and you’re out whatever you put in.

One in the Chamber

Three lives. One bullet. One pistol. One knife. Take down an opponent and you get another bullet.

Rhythm is the king contender in this Wager Match. Anticipate enemy movements and expect side-to-side motions in an attempt to dodge your shot. When it comes down to knives, approach it like a boxing match. Goad your opponent into striking, dodge, and then go in for the kill. Smart counterattacks prevail over blind aggression, so get your timing down and you’ll be rolling in the dough.

How will you approach One in the Chamber? Is dueling your style, battling your opponent in a high-tension face-to-face skirmish? Or would you rather wait and watch for the perfect moment when some unlucky soldier’s back is facing you, going in for the kill and stocking up on ammo? Perhaps you’ll wait for a fight to erupt and then take down the winner when they least expect it, only to disappear again and wait for another chance.

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