Call of Duty Dead Ops Leaked Secret Game

Call of Duty Dead Ops Leaked

Im sure most of you have seen all the leaked footage of Call of Duty Black Ops floating round the Internet, not mentioning a very popular video site….

Well, today, after looking through the hundreds of Leaked footage being uploaded I came across some footage of a secret ingame level called Dead Ops!

The screen shot shows the starting point for the game, which is designed as a top down shooter, a bit like some of the old games from the 90’s..  Can you remember Gauntlet?  very similar, only this time with zombies….

If you look at the leaked trophy achievements list which was released last week sometime, you can see one of the Achievement:

“Insert Coin” — Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade

Apart from getting a whole new game within a game, you can also play co-operative mode too, so you can have endless fun playing alongside your buddy.

Each day brings Black Ops closer to release date, more and more leaked information is being released!  Will there be anything left uncovered by then?