Black Ops Zombies Vs German Censorship Board

We have recently been given information that Call of Duty Black Ops will include Zombies,  wether these Zombies are Nazi Zombie or not, the German censorship board have decided to censor the game by cutting scenes, removing blood and even removing a song “Sympathy for the Devil” by the rolling stones for having lyrics about war in it!  They have decided to sensor any reference to Nazi paraphernalia, calling them “Anti-constitutional symbols”!

Scene Changes:

  1. Prisoner torture scene removed
  2. Blood splatters toned down
  3. Removal of Anti-constitutional symbols
  4. Removal of a song

I guess for the rest of the world, were going to get the full uncut version and im pretty sure those who live in Germany who would buy such a game like Call of Duty Black Ops, wouldn’t be offended as much as the German censorship board would like to think!