Black Ops Dedicated Servers Intel

With the lack of dedicated servers in modern warfare 2, it caused upraw in the PC gaming community by removing all powers to moderate the warfield from hackers and cheats, which is a first for PC gamers! and had quite an impact on what could have been one of the best FPS’s ever!

Although the lack of dedicated servers isn’t so much of a problem for the console community, there are plenty other issues with the game and the real lack of support toward what the community wanted, kind of makes you think why it was the biggest release last year!

Anyway, where not to far away from the release of Call of Duty Black Ops on 9th November 2010, which Treyarch have spend allot of time listening to what the gaming community wanted and now the PC gaming community can now have what they’ve always wanted Call of Duty dedicated servers for black Ops.  Along with many other changes they made from listening to the community, I don’t think I’d be wrong to saying its going to be the biggest game release this year.

Dedicated Server Intel

Treyarch will provide a whole bank of dedicated servers across various global locations and I can only assume they will manage and moderate these servers.  I hope!

They also announced an exclusive deal with GameServers so you can own your own Black Ops dedicated server

Josh Olin, community manager for Treyarch said the deal with GameServers will give better cheating and hacking control.

“If you rent a server, you will still have the ability to Kick, Ban, and Configure it the way you see fit,” Olin said, according to IGN. “Of course, Ranked servers will have some set configurations that can’t be messed with; but you will still have the power to administrate your servers as a customer of GameServers.”

Two Types of dedicated servers:

  1. 18 Player Ranked – Server will be part of the official rank system but you do have some restrictions on server configuration.
  1. 24 Player Unranked – Server is NOT part of the official rank system but you do have more features to control over the ranked server

Ranked servers cost £9.56

Unranked servers cost $0.63/Player  10-24 player servers

22 locations around the world

There are discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month preorders

Go grab your Black Ops Dedicated Server