14 New Screenshots!

We’ve just added 14 gorgeous new screenshots to the Media section which show off the kind of power the latest Call of Duty engine has to offer in Black Ops! Sample image below (click to see more).

At the beginning of each project, the team at Treyarch digs in and goes to work on engine enhancements with a focus on supporting the demands of the new environments and gameplay for our next title. For Black Ops, it was important to the team to have incredible photo-realistic lighting, huge draw distances, explosive destruction and effects, and mind-blowing character details.

We completely re-tooled the lighting system from soup to nuts, integrated texture streaming which makes levels like “Payback” possible, and provided our artists the tools and platform they needed to create stunning characters with detail down to their pores! We also went big overhauling the physics, jungle, water, and fire tech – the list goes on and on. You can see what we’re talking about from our gallery, but no screenshot even comes close to what you’ll be experiencing November 9th 2010!


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