Funny Video: The Online Gamer Black Ops

Episode 2 of 4 of The Online Gamer: Black Ops

Aaron is working at Next-Gen Video Games and starts selling pre-orders for Black Ops…

Directed by Jason Schnell
Written by Lindsey Reckis
Story by Lindsey Reckis, Jason Schnell and Eric Pumphrey
Produced by Eric Pumphrey
Edited by Jason Schnell & Clark Huff
Camera A: Clark Huff
Camera B: Mark Burton
Eric Pumphrey as Aaron
Davan O’Firinn as Ted
Nick Boshier as Rick
Duffy Dibley as Kent (W.O.W. nemesis)
Justin Mooney as Lance (Kent’s friend)
Morgan Krantz as Male Customer
Tiber McCormick
Eli James