Black Ops Rcon Tools: RconMax(BO)

We at RconMax are please to announce that we are making our first public release of RconMax(BO) BETA the rcon admin tool for Call Of Duty Black Ops.

Our first release is version whch can be installed from our forum at

Please use Internet Explorer to install RconMax(BO) as some other browsers do not support ClickOnce.

For more information and screen shots please view the RconMax(BO) User Guide

We have had to go to market a little earlier than planned however we feel it was the best option under the circumstances.

Please remember that this is a BETA / work in progress and there is still plenty of functionality that we wish to add.

For obvious reasons the majority of out development effort has been focused on unranked servers. We still have work to do for both ranked and unranked servers alike.

For support please visit our forum at
We would appreciate your feedback in our forum.