Black Ops Rcon Tools: Black Rcon

Beta is now live!
Registration opened at, after you registered you will have to add your server information ( that will be strictly reserved ) and press the ‘Check’ button that will connect to your server and retrieve information if everything is fine you’ll be able to submit your server then wait a minutes or 2 that daemon cache the info after that you’ll be able to start playing around.

As for now the working/enabled features are:

– dashboard, ability to kick/ban/tempban/whisper retrieved in ajax ( should autorefresh every 60 seconds )
– map selection, ability to decide what will be next map to play ( for now have to reset it by selecting random maps or it will keep on doing that map )
– playlist selection, default playlist selection
– admins management, can add as much admins as you want and assign it to 1 or more server and grant the permissions you want, just remember that permission “Server Admin” will include all others so no need to check others if you want another full admin
– servers management, can add as much servers as you want

More updates in the next days.

Credits to whitebox for Q3 class, roger for the designs, EpicLegionWin for the support in coding, darkstylo for the ideas support and test and most thanks to the community for positive and negative feedbacks and the support you giving!


– fixed user loosing permissions in a certain case, thanks to Shock

Patch notes 20 dec

– Improved server list
– Improved player list
– My Ban list, list of banned players from black rcon interface ( can’t unban via rcon, you have to unban from gameserver panel )
– All banned players, list of players banned from all servers that are on blackrcon ( can’t ban players from list, seems you can only ban someone actually on the server )
– Admin logs viewer
– Removed from menu in progress feature, was confusing people
– New website
– New layout
– Christmas theme
– Snow effect ( public are only )
– Added broadcast action ( command say )
– Disabled daemon for inactive servers