Black Ops In-Game RCON Console Quick Ref

Heres a list of all RCON commands used in Call of Duty Black Ops…

It helps if you use the “Steam Overlay Web Browser” and use Alt-Tab to switch from in-game to this page for quick reference.

The Steam Web Broswer is found at the bottom of the screen when you Alt-Tab, shown below:

The following commands are used via the in-game console, which you can access using the ¬/~ Key. This key is usualy the first key in the top left, just before the number keys, shown below:

Using SHIFT+ ¬/~ Key: Full screen console.

Quick List of all RCON commands used in Call of Duty Black Ops


The first thing you need to do is login to RCON

/rcon login ******* (where the ******, use your password)

Get list of connected players:

/rcon teamstatus (client ID’s listed)

You can use the client ID’s listed with the following commands so you dont have to type there player names. Helps if they have odd letters in there name.

Player commands:
/rcon kick (username) (optional reason)
/rcon clientkick (client ID)
/rcon tempbanuser (username)
/rcon tempbanclient (client ID)
/rcon banuser (username)
/rcon banclient (client ID)

General commands
/rcon say (message)
/rcon playlist
– shows available playlists

Configuration Settings:
/rcon setadmindvar sv_hostname (new hostname)
/rcon setadmindvar sv_maxPing (new maximum ping)
/rcon setadmindvar sv_minPing (new minimum ping)
/rcon setadmindvar playlist (new playlist number)
/rcon setadmindvar sv_mapRotation “gametype tdm map mp_array map mp_cairo … ” (replace tdm and map names as you like)
/rcon setadmindvar scr_motd “Message of the day!”

g_allow_teamchange 1 – (ranked/unranked) enables team switch UI option

In ranked servers, teams are auto-assigned. Switching is only possible to a team with less players.

g_teamchange_keepbalanced 1 – (unranked) team change allowed only if balance is kept.

There is a grace period at the beginning of the match that admins can set. During this period switching teams can go in any way, but auto-balance will keep the teams balanced for the duration of this period.

g_teamchange_graceperiod 60 – (ranked/unranked) gives 60 seconds at beginning of the match to switch teams and auto-balance is enabled.

g_allow_spectator 1 – (ranked/unranked) Allows joining the spectator team.

UnRanked ONLY

You can change a number of settings related to gameplay by using the setadmindvar command. For a full list of available varaibles, see the ‘default.cfg’ file that comes with the official rcon client. The general syntax to change a variable is:
/rcon setadmindvar variable_name new_value
/rcon map (map_name)

Map names are:
mp_Firing Range
mp_Russian Base

/rcon map_rotate (move to next map)