About Us:
Our aim is to provide friendly, well managed Black Ops dedicated servers for all to have fun, with fast response time to managing the servers for hackers, cheaters and any form of bad-play, including Stats-padding, glitching and dealing with people who are just plain loosers….

Apart from the serious business of dealing with the above, we are, for the most part, a friendly group of people who enjoy gaming and having a laugh… For those who have a competitive streak and feel they could contribute some serious game play, we will be entering some gaming leagues that will require some committed players! Have you got what it takes to play the Amateur Leagues?

We run a contribution system, which allows us to keep our servers up and running, we don’t expect all our members to contribute to the system, but for those who feel we offer a well maintained cluster of Black Ops servers and friendly community, then go right ahead and make a donation…. Any surplus cash will be used as a prize fund and when the pot (Black Budget) reaches the target amount we will give out black budget awards to those who have put the most back into the community, including the people who cant afford to donate and have shown there commitment in other ways… Its a win win situation for ALL…

Looking to join a Gaming Community, dedicated to Call of Duty Black Ops?

Our Requirements:

  1. Mature gamers 18+ ONLY!
  2. Accept and Abide to the Terms and Conditions!
  3. Must have Microphone and Skype installed
  4. Introducing Yourself in the Forums!
  5. Await for Approval from the management
  6. Once Approved – Add clan tags [UKbo] to your ingame game name!
  7. Staying active within the Clan, being part of the community!
  8. NO Cheats, NO Hacks!

IF you have been caught hacking/cheating/glitching/being a looser on our servers, you will be refused to join our clan… We will check prior to accepting anyone into the clan and randomly check applicants profile against other clan databases before we accept any new members.


Send us your email adress if your interested in joining UK Black Ops CLAN